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Avcover: Providing Aviation Insurance, Hull Coverage and More for All Flight-Related Activities in Australia

An authorised representative of PSC Connect Pty Ltd, Avcover is an aviation insurance company that has been operating in Australia for more than ten years now. We have the resources, experience and knowledge to provide you or your business with comprehensive general aviation insurance. Whether you are using aviation craft for ...read more .

All About Aircraft Insurance in Australia – From the History and Types of Insurance to Using a Calculator and Getting a Quote

These days, you need insurance for just about everything, and operating aircraft isn't excluded. Aircraft insurance, also known as aviation insurance, covers just about everything involved with owning and flying a plane or helicopter. This includes hull ...read more .

Get a Quote or Learn More about Aviation Insurance Today; Contact the Brokers at Avcover!

Whether you need an aviation insurance quote or just require some advice about different aviation-related coverage policies, you've come to the right place. Avcover, with ten years of experience in the aviation insurance industry, is here to help you with ...read more .

Hire Avcover and Find Better Aviation and Aircraft Liability Insurance Today

Aviation insurance is expensive. It's a fact of operating in a risk-heavy industry that you are going to have to pay a considerable amount of money to insure your aircraft and your aviation activities. Still, there is arguably nothing more important for an aviation-related business—be it a well-known commercial airline or a company that hires out ...read more .

Commercial Aviation and Private Aircraft Insurance Available through Avcover

If your business works in the civil aviation industry, then Avcover is a name you will want to know. For 10 years now, we have been providing commercial aviation insurance and private aircraft insurance to companies and individuals throughout Australia. If your business offers aviation services for passenger or ...read more .

Why do You Need Drone Insurance Coverage in Australia and What is the Cost?

In Australia, it's required by law that if you own an airplane or helicopter you must have liability insurance that will cover any injury sustained by your passengers and any damage caused by your aircraft in the event of the crash. When it comes to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, though, you don't need ...read more .

Why You Need Hangarkeepers Liability Insurance if You Own a Hangar

Airplanes and helicopters are expensive pieces of machinery, and any damage or destruction sustained by them could cause the responsibly party a lot of money if they aren’t insured. If you own a hangar and want to keep yourself protected and give your clients peace of mind when storing their aircraft in your ...read more .

UAV Drone Insurance in Australia

Drones are taking the world by storm. Also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs, drones are essentially very powerful remote-controlled planes or helicopters that are used militarily, recreationally and even commercially. They offer a cheap way to get a bird’s eye view of any situation on the ground since most drones come ...read more .

Does Your Company Need to Find Affordable Cessna Insurance for Your Aviation Fleet? Contact Avcover Today

Insuring a private fleet of aircraft can be an expensive process. Many companies have a corporate plane or two that might not often be used, so paying for expensive Cessna 152 insurance premiums is often a waste of money. However, covering your ...read more .

Looking for Ultralight Aircraft Insurance for Your Privately Owned Plane? Reach Out to Avcover for the Lowest Premiums Around

While shopping around for affordable car insurance rates is a struggle almost anyone can identify with, pilots know that finding the correct ultralight insurance for their private planes can be an even harder feat. Light aircraft insurance covers dozens of issues more complex than automobile insurance, and unless the aviation ...read more .